Dishing Up Romance (A Chef’s Toque Romance Book 1)

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DishingUpRomance_167pxCassie Pirelli is at it again in her ongoing saga of denial. Past mistakes with romance have left her scarred. But she’s banking on a change! Those scars are minor compared to the ones she now faces: losing a job, searching for a new career, giving up the apartment she so loves in the Village, and having to listen to Mama’s ongoing nagfest about marriage and grandbabies.

But fate didn’t get the memo that she’s focusing on her career, and neither did Papa, who’s joined forces with Mama. Despite their attempts, Cassie holds strong to her conviction to pursue professional success over a romantic relationship–that is, until the arrival of Mr. Rock-hard-chest Contractor Guy, Josh Benson, who could throw her plans right down the commercial garbage disposal.

In her new career as a chef, Cassie devises thirty recipes she happily shares. But will these recipes test her resolve and lure her into a world of love?

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