Catering to Love (A Chef’s Toque Romance Book 3)

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catering-to-love-cover-167pxGabi Johnson tests more than new recipes after her parents use their home as collateral to finance her dream restaurant. The Inn at Carters’ Mill in New Hope, Pennsylvania, is just a half-day’s drive but a world away from her failed catering business in New York. Nell and John Carter want to sell the inn but not to their moody sous-chef, Corey Edwards, and instead they entrust it to Gabi.

When Gabi meets Corey, sparks fly. But he only remembers his failed restaurant and the woman he blames for it. As Gabi works with her young staff, she puts up with Corey’s snarly insubordination because he’s a pro and she needs him. And, well, there’s that attraction thing.

As pressure mounts to debut the menu Gabi believes will establish her restaurant’s reputation and cash flow, she tests her relationships, new and old. Sixteen delicious recipes reveal their makers’ inner thoughts.

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