About Me

Photo of Author Carolyn HugheyI was first introduced to spicy romance at the tender age of ten when my two friends showed me a book that one of them found under her parents’ mattress.  Now, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what kind of book we were reading, but I will tell you we sat there and giggled our fool heads off.  If my mother ever knew, she’d have had a coronary on the spot.  Fortunately, she didn’t find out, and I see no good reason to tell her now.

Now, I’m creating my own characters and a fantasy world where I conspire to lure you into the realm of possibilities so we can dream together.

Romance is a huge part of my life.  I have a wonderful husband and I’m living a dream come true.  And that’s just what I want to share with you, my readers.  And more importantly, I want to make you fall in love all over again with your significant other.

At heart, I’m a Jersey girl.  As a result, all my stories take place on the east coast–mostly New York. Even though I live in Arizona, the east coast is my passion and I’m looking forward to moving back to be with family and friends.

I’m often asked how I got started with writing.  I actually started writing for therapy.  I can hear you laughing.  But it’s the truth.  Fortunately, a few years later, I met a woman on a cruise, in the hot tub of all places and she told me she was a published author.  We chatted about my hopes and dreams and from thence it began.  I joined Romance Writers of America and several other RWA chapters, both local and online to learn everything I could.  I took workshops and college classes, read books on the subject and here I am today.

I’m proud to say I had my very first manuscript, published by the first publisher I’d submitted it to.  The funny thing is I hadn’t submitted it to them because I wanted to have it published, but because RWA needed proof that I’d finished a manuscript in order for me to achieve PRO status!  Imagine my surprise when Avalon Books called me to say they wanted to buy it!

I also write mystery/suspense under the pen name K.T. Roberts.